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CV and professional experience

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My professional specialties

Art direction of a team of character, props and set designers.
Conception and design of characters, set and props.
Conception  and design of merchandising products.
Graphic and literary conception of publishing products (Art-of, decks of cards).
Conception of literary and graphic bibles for animated movies and motion pictures.
Novel and short story writer.



Lead Background color at Xilam Animation. Various freelance missions.


Graphic and literary creation of a-SEED and Storm-Blade projects. Various freelance missions.


Pre-production of the "Virtual Cyber Circus" project, a show in 3D/relief.
Launch of ALKEMIE, creative studio which groups together five artists designer of the trilogy "Arthur and the Minimoys", "Arthur and the revenge of Maltazard", "Arthur and the two worlds war". Alkemie creative studio is represented by Michel GILLET.


Art designer (main and secondary characters, backgrounds and props) on the animated feature films "Arthur and the revenge of Maltazard", "Arthur and the two worlds war" produced by Luc Besson.


Art director on the animated feature film "Arthur and the Minimoys/invisibles", produced by Luc Besson.
Conception and design of main and secondary characters, sets and props.
Conception and design of merchandising products.
Art direction of the teams making the film set models.
Creation of the “Art-Of Arthur and the Minimoys” and of the original anecdotal texts with the illustrations.


Creation of the digital matte paintings for the pilot of "Arthur and the Minimoys" directed by Luc Besson.
Freelance illustrator and art director : creation of graphic bibles for animated movies, advertising and cinema  (Europacorp, AGF,BNP)
Digital matte paintings and design research for a commercial directed by Luc Besson for the Aerospace.


Art director for the animated series "The Magician" for Gaumont Multimedia (format 39x26mn).
Management of the team of character, props and set designers.
Conception and development of the sets and objects.
Development of merchandising products (Toys, decks of cards).
Creation of posters and advertising illustrations for animation fair stands, specialized magazines and style guides
Compositing follow-up
Trips abroad for the relational and technical follow-up during the making of the series (Seoul, South Korea, studio AKOM, November 1997).


Set designer master for the animated series "Sky Dancers" for Gaumont (format 26x26mn)


Freelance illustrator for advertising campaigns  (BNP, Jaguar, Goupe Monceau) and for a publishing firm (Fleurus).

My professional experience

In 1991, I started working after studying at the Emile Cohl school in Lyon. I specialized  in traditional illustrations and learnt the main techniques of classical painting.
I used these techniques in advertising campaigns for the Groupe Monceau, BNP, Jaguar and for some children’s books published by Fleurus.
In 1993, while I was still working as a free lance illustrator, I became a set designer master on the animated series "Sky Dancers" for Gaumont Multimedia and later an Art Director for "The Magician" produced and directed by the same company between 1996 and 1998.
At that time, I seized the opportunity to learn and master Photoshop (No more risks to ruin my works with a cup of coffee !)
In 1999, I took part to the creation of the teaser of "Arthur and the Minimoys" by elaborating the digital matte paintings
Then, the production of the film began and lasted from 2001 to 2006. During this period, I was the designer and art director and I was also in charge of different merchandising and publishing activities.
While working, I always try to spare some time for the development of personal projects and styles.
For instance, my passion for divinatory symbols led me to create, for a period of ten years, three tarot packs in which I explored different graphic and conceptual aspects.
One of these games, The "Eye of Myrddin", was published by France Cartes in 1994 and soon, a second set will be born.
It is an activity both stimulating and balancing.
Day after day, this passion continues to grow completed by a writing work which has become compulsory to express the symbolic choices of my works as clearly as possible.
I find my balance by writing what can’t be illustrated and that is why I develop both activities through the literary and graphic conception of projects for animated movies, films and the writing of an unconventional novel called "The Great Inversion".